Doubt Will Not Win

Doubt Will Not Win

Heyy Diary !     

Darkness is aware that happiness is making its way to me. It’s been sending its minion: “Doubt” to keep me in a place I know I am about to walk out of. Every time I take a step forward, there’s something waiting to remind me that darkness is still lingering everywhere. Like any other day, I am still holding on as usual. I feel a beautiful shift in my soul that better is right around the corner but Doubt, the corner boy is telling me that just around the corner lies Dangerous.

Explozay: Now Doubt! In my soul, it feels right to turn here so why is this corner dangerous to you?

Doubt: You are worth more than you can imagine and I can see the great things you’ll accomplish as you evolve. I get in your mind because I cannot let you pass this corner. For I am afraid of what will become of me if darkness were to find out you've completed the mission. It’s my job to try and turn you away from your path. The last time you saw Happiness, I was locked away for 50 nights, with nothing but water to drink and crackers to eat. 

Explozay: Wait, so let me get this straight. I have to suffer just so you won’t and I can’t see happiness because you’ll be punished??

Doubt: I don’t mean it like that, but yes.

Explozay: Welp, that’s a personal problem for you and a beneficial factor for me. You know… I’m aware of who your master is and I can’t relate to staying in ya lane. This is why I always focus on the light inside of me because it knows I truly enjoy the company of Happiness, not yours. I hope during the next 50 nights while you’re locked up, you take a moment to reflect on how selfish you are, cleanse yourself, then come over to the “happy” side. I meannn, you should know this already but you know the saying, “Where there is darkness there is always light”. You fail to realize that darkness is everywhere and happiness will always be right around the corner. The choice is ours, we choose if we want to make that turn or not.

Doubt: I see you possess something in you that I hate the most and that is strength. I feel weak around you… Past through... I need my energy for the next soul behind you. Don’t get too caught up in happiness tho, enjoy it but stay ready cause next time, I’m coming harder. 

Explozay: Let me tell you some bout “EXPLOZAY”! If you haven’t noticed already, the strength in me keeps me afloat. Anything I set my mind to do, I WILL accomplish. I see good for myself so, I expect darkness to send its minions to try and pull me back. One thing for sure, two things for certain, I look you minions in the eyes and say “Enjoy them 50 nights locked up. Get comfy, you’ll be back again.”

Now excuse me, happiness awaits.

So yeah, Doubt said it was dangerous, but I kept myself together & turned that corner child.  Happiness up 1 darkness down 555. 

What will you do when doubt decides to creep in?



  • Jenna Cayo

    Amazing blog👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    If doubt tries to enter my path I’m gonna say leave Satan! There’s no room for you over here and keep my mind on the positive feelings. I will remember that I can soar my wings wherever and whenever I want. It’s my world.

  • Yanique Malcolm

    When doubt tries to allow itself to enter my life. I shift my mind towards the Lord, I ask him to clear any doubt, frustration or worry that may distract me. Doubt reminds me of the things you can’t become. But prayer gives you the strength to keep you grounded and focus. It is a light no one can explain but you. I refused to allow the enemy to remove the light I have within me. So in my opinion doubt has no access in my life because I have God. As humans we allowed our emotions to take control so once that happened doubt will try to creep up. In order for us to remove that..we have to start by controlling our emotions.

    Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengths me”

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